1945 Hudson School Choir

1945 Henry Hudson School Choir

A special thank you to Marian Ward (formerly Robson) of Dana Point, California who submitted this photo of the Henry Hudson 5th or 6th grade choir of 1944/45, poised to sing. Mr. Bateman took many choirs to the festivals at the Vancouver Hotel each year.

Be sure to check out the 2012 Hudson Choir, which has produced a limited run CD for the Centennial Celebration. Sample tracks can be heard here and here.

A message from the Kitsilano Secondary School Alumni Association

Dear Kitsilano Alumni

We are very excited to inform you that at last, Kitsilano graduates and attendees can join an association to continue the fellowship we enjoyed at Kits, and at the same time, contribute to a scholarship fund  for the benefit of future graduates of our alma mater.

Over the last few months, representatives of the classes of ’48, ’49, ’59, 61 and ’70 have formed a committee to begin an alumni association. We have secured the name Kitsilano Secondary School Alumni Association (KSSAA) and have developed a constitution which is on its way to Victoria to be registered under the B.C Societies Act. We should be incorporated in a few weeks.

 We are now contacting as many ex-Kits graduates and attendees as possible to join the KSSAA, We are working through class reunion groups to get our message out and speed up the process of obtaining members. The principle objectives on the KSSAA are as follows:

 1)  To assist the Kitsilano Secondary School community to achieve its goals

2)  To develop a dynamic alumni association that encourages fellowship through communication and special events

3)  To promote the development of the Kitsilano Commemorative Cavalcade Scholarship Fund

 Thanks to many of you, our Cavalcade has raised over $33,000 for the scholarship fund which is held at the Vancouver foundation and administered by the staff of Kitsilano Secondary. We have many ideas of how to increase this fund and hope that you and your classmates feel strongly about joining the alumni and assisting in this worthwhile project.

 A lifetime membership is only $25 with $5 going to administration costs and $20 to the Vancouver Foundation for which a tax receipt will be issued. If a larger donation is made, $5 will go to administration and a tax receipt will be issued for the remainder. As a bonus to new members, we are offering a CD of the performance of Louis Armstrong’s and his All-Stars at a Kits noon hour concert in 1952. This CD cannot be purchased anywhere else and will certainly bring back fond memories of our times at Kitsilano High.

The application form to join the KSSAA is attached to this message. Please bring this completed form to the school or mail it to the address at the top of the page.


Art Bates, Interim President, KSSAA

Chris Atkinson, Principal,  Kitsilano Secondary School

Application for Membership to KSSAA


Centennial Choir

The choir recording is done.  Check out these samples of “Carolina in the Morning” and “Clocks”.  The full version will appear on the CD.

Carolina in the Morning


Welcome to my Kitsilano Neighbourhood

A presentation by Patti Gallacher:

This presentation was recently added to our “Stories” page and includes photos and music of Patti’s childhood growing up across from Kits Beach in the early 1950’s. It’s called “Wecome to My Kitsilano Neighbourhood” and features some slides of Henry Hudson and the old Kitsilano Parade. Download the PowerPoint file to hear the full presentation.

henry hudson elementary

An Invitation

Hello my urban loving friends,

I am writing to invite you to the Henry Hudson Elementary School centennial celebration on June 21, 3:30 to 8pm.

This is an amazing opportunity to take part in a family party and history salute AND celebrate the wonders of an urban school community. Hudson, the much loved red brick school house near Cornwall & Cypress, is 100 years old.

Your kids will love it

At our party, you’ll find performances, decade theme rooms, costumes, vintage vehicles, activities, aboriginal education display and catering by Triple O’s. Nat Bailey was part of the school rifle club in the 1910 era, just after the school opened. We hear that the Vancouver police motorcycle and mounted squads will attend and I think I’ve got a former school trustee (tattooed Sharon Gregson) committed to showing off her Harley. The effort some members of our school are putting into this is phenomenal.

Attend as a vote for urban communities

I know you all love the city. And, aside from the FUN you’ll have, I wanted to tell you what makes Hudson so interesting as an urban community school, in case you’re still not certain about whether you should attend. Trust me – you’re making a vote in favour of the value of urban communities.

Hudson has long been a prominent fixture on Vancouver’s city scene. Hudson’s history includes the CPR, Greer Beach squatters, Chief Khatsahlano and the First Nations struggle – and “relocation” — amidst Vancouver’s expansion to Kits Point. Our early families included both the offspring of well known businessmen and civil servants and those of families who worked at the dockyards, canneries, warehouses and bottling plants of False Creek. Our community was shaped by creation of the Burrard Bridge, Seaforth Armoury, Sikh temple, Vancouver archives, planetarium, museum and academy of music, not to mention the 4th Avenue street car line and expansion of Kits Beach. We’ve seen two wars, including a rifle club at our school during WWI and use of our neighbourhood beach for mock invasions in World War II. The neighbourhood later saw 1960s “Chemical Row” on West 7th, the Poppy Family house, communes, struggles with Mayor Tom Terrific Campbell and even the founding of the Georgia Straight after an especially infamous brawl up the street. Our unique, on site out of school care society emerged as women hired at the Molson Brewery in the 70s sought safe, stable, progressive care for their kids. Moms at our school founded one of the city’s longest running hot lunch programs about 70 years ago. Our school has long been known as one of the most multicultural schools in the city – it was known as a settlement destination even in the early days. We feature a choir directed by a professional soprano but also have a standing room only annual hip hop showcase – everybody fits in here. We walk to the theatre, museums, beaches, Granville Island, parks and school tennis lessons – our kids are city kids. Hudson saw revitalization with the addition of French Immersion in the 2000s and has grown from a population of about 150 to a predicted 350 next year. Today, our catchment draws from Kits Point, False Creek, the West End, Coal Harbour and Yaletown, though the area around Hudson has a bit of a Sesame Street feel. In spite of our wide reaching catchment – which includes dual track French and English education – many of our students and their families have known one another since infancy or preschool.

I encourage you to register in advance, so that we can have food and space ready for you. Check out and register through the link at the top of the page. Or, if you prefer to play it by ear, join us Thursday, June 21, from 3:30 to 8pm.

New photos from the 1910s and 1940s

A special thank you to Gordon Clay , a Henry Hudson alumnus who submitted photographs from the 1940s as well as photos of his father, Harold Clay, who was also a Hudson alumnus and a member of Henry Hudson’s championship rifle team from 1915.

White Spot Triple-O Mobile Kitchen

Hudson Elementary is thrilled to announce that White Spot Restaurants is sending their Triple-O mobile kitchen to the June 21 Centennial Celebrations.  Nat Bailey, the founder of White Spot, was a Hudson Alumnus from the 1915 era .  It seems somehow fitting that his efforts still exist nearly a century later.

Once we begin early bird registration for the event, discount pricing from the Triple-O menu will be available.

Centennial Choir Update

The Hudson Centennial Choir has completed its first recording session and has two sample MP3s for downloading.  The children (grades K – 7) worked very hard to put down the 8 tracks. Hudson will be producing a limited run CD in time for Centennial.  Watch this website for pre-ordering opportunities.  Many thanks to our Choir Director Catherine Campolin for her hard work in preparing the children for this unique opportunity.

Centennial Video

An Centennial celebration video from Andrea Coutu:

New Photos

Thank you to Michelle Netrval and Barbara Arnett for contributing photographs from the 1960’s and ’70’s to the Hudson Centennial website.